Uniform & Timing

Uniform & Timings

The School uniform is to be bought from the school uniform store. The uniform purchased from the school store conforms to the standards set by the school. The House T-Shirts are also available at the store. All articles of the uniform are to be bought well in advance. Students will not be allowed to leave their classes to buy their uniform. Students may, however, visit the store during the break.

Each House has been allotted a specific colour for the T-Shirt that will be worn by students on every Wednesday and any other occasions like sports activities & inter house activities. The student is suppose to buy a T-Shirt from the school uniform shop. The same will be worn by the student with a pair of white shorts/ trousers (Boys) or a white skirt/trousers (Girls) and white socks with house colour stripes.

Colour Scheme for Senior Wing

  • Subroto-Green
  • Arjan-Red
  • Pratap-Deep Blue
  • Latif-Rust
  • Lakshman-Yellow

1. Shirts to be neatly tucked in with belt visible.

2. Hair bands must be the colour of the school shirt/skirt.

3. Girls with shoulder length hair cut must wear hair bands. Hair length longer than shoulder must be braided.


1. Only half-sleeve shirts to be worn in summers.

2. Trousers to be worn instead of shorts from VIII grade onwards. Trousers are available for other classes also.

3. Visible vests under shirts not permitted.

4. Double breasted blazers or other variations in design and cloth not allowed.

5. Trousers to be worn at waist level. Low waisted trousers not permitted.

6. Shirts to be neatly tucked in with belt visible.

7. Square toed and other fancy designs in shoes not allowed.

8. Hair to be worn short. Spikes and gelled hairstyles not allowed.

The day begins with assembly at 8.00 A.M. followed by teaching up to 1:45 P.M. Students are assisted and encouraged to give talks in the assembly on a wide variety of interesting and important topics. They are trained to sing patriotic songs and prayers. (The institute works from Monday to Friday. One Saturday (generally 1st Sat.) in a month is observed as a normal working day for the staff and 3rd Saturday with students.)

The academic year of the school is from 1st of April to 31st March of the following year and is divided into two terms of approximately equal number of working days.