Library Senior Wing


AFGJI can boast of a computerised library facility which caters to the need of the staff and students. It is here that children are lost in a world of imagination.

There is a rich collection of more than 20000 books in all subjects with a very rich reference collection to help our students to work on multi-dimensional projects and to prepare for various examinations. This collections also satisfies their urge to read more books for pleasure and for knowledge. A good number of magazines and periodicals are also available. Junior fiction is shelved separately in the library.

There is a separate library for junior and senior school students.



The library remains open on all school day from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Library Periods
All students have one library period per week as per school time table. Students can take & return book during their library period. Further students can return library books any time during the library working hours.
Borrowing information
Students One book for a period of two weeks with three renewals. Students should provide their admission number for the automated circulation of books.
Faculty and staff
Maximum five books can be issued for a period of one month with three renewals. Users should provide their ID number for the automated circulation of books.

Library Rules

1. Strict silence is to be maintained in the library.
2. All students from classes 6th to 12th and all staff members are entitled to become members of the library.
3. No person shall write upon, tear, cut, deface, damage or make any mark upon anybook belonging to the library.
4. Readers shall be responsible to make good the loss, the damage done to the books or other property belonging to the library either by replacing such books with new ones or other property damaged or by paying the value thereof with 10% additional charges as departmental expenses. In case of damage / loss of a volume of a set, the whole set will have to be replaced.
5. Each student is entitled to take out one book at a time for a period of 14 days, while staff members are entitled to take Five books at a time and keep the same for 30 days. Maximum 3 renewals are permitted for one book.
6. Dictionaries and other costly reference books are not be lent out, however, periodical publications will be issued to staff members on week end basis.
7. In case the books are not returned on due date, a fine of Rs. 1/- will be charged per book on each day and no new book shall be issued thereafter, unless the member returns the books with fine.
8. All reference books taken by the reader for consultation in the library should be returned to the Librarian before leaving the library.
9. If the membership card is lost by a member, he/she should give a written report to the librarian. A duplicate member ship card will be issued to the member on payment of Rs. 5/-
10. Library books are taken by the members on their own responsibility. Nobody is allowed to sub-lend the books issued to them.
11. School leaving / transfer certificates shall not be given to students until they have returned all the books along with Library cards and has paid the dues outstanding against their names.
12. Subject books & other books which are in great demand will be issued for one week only.
13. Issue of books may be suspended at the time of stock-taking.
14. Eatables, drinks, Bags, personal books and such other articles are not permitted to be brought inside the Library. These are to be left outside the library.
15. At the end of each academic year students of classes X & XII should return their library cards to the Librarian.
16. Staff members are to return library cards on retirement/resignation.


Library Automation

The stock and services of the library has been automated by using Libsys Library Software. The library follows an open access system i.e, Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). Users can search any book by using keywords like author, title and subject, call number, etc. The books are classified and shelved according to the Dewey Decimal Classification. Every book is barcoded and spine labels are pasted in it. The other services include :-
Circulation of books(issue and return)
Library period for all students
OPAC(Online Public Access Catalogue)
Weekend/Overnight issue of periodicals
Reference services
Exhibitions/Displays of books
SDI(Selective Dissemination of Information)
New Book Alerts
Various entrance test Question papers
Newspaper clipping services
Reservation of books
Question bank



Total number of books as per Accession Register (31 Mar 2017) : 20939
Newly added books in this session (Till Aug 2017) : 600
Reference Book : 1789
Gifted Books : 1145
Bounded periodicals : 249
No. of books withdrawn (upto 31 Mar 2017): 4277

CD/DVDs Educational CDs/DVDs : 101

News Paper

The Times of India
Indian Express
The Hindustan Times
Navbharat Times
The Hindu

Magazines ( Under Subscription.) Name of Magazine Sl.No Name of magazine
1 Art India 2 Business India
3 Better Photography 4 Biology Today
5 Chemistry Today 6 Competition Success Review
7 Champak 8 Children’s World
9 Career 360 10 Down to Earth
11 Digit 12 Economics & Political Weekly
13 Employment News 14 Education World
15 Frontline 16 Femina
17 India Today (Hindi) 18 India Today (English)
19 Jr. Science Refresher 20 Main Stream
21 Mathematics Today 22 National Geography
23 Physics for you 24 Readers Digest
25 Sports Star 26 Science Reporter
27 Terra Green 28 Tell me why

Magazine (Gift) Name of Magazine Sl.No Name of magazine
1 Air Force News 2 Akshay Urja
3 Brain feed 4 BBC Knowledge
5  Civil Society 6   Dream 2047
7 Digital learning 8 Education News
9 India Perspectives 10 Kens Connect
11 Mentor 12 Nuclear India
13 Span  14 Shikshak Sathi
15 Teacher 16 Vipnet News
17 Young Intach 18  -